Welcome to the site of the Favorit hotel, which is in the town of Bourgas. You will find the place very easily. The hotel is situated at a 6-kilometre distance from the international airport in Bourgas and is actually the nearest place to stay in. It is also 20 meters away from a very beautiful natural reservation area, called Atanasovsko ezero (Atanass lake), a certain proof for the peaceful atmosphere, which will welcome you as guests.



The hotel has 6 floors and offers 30 double rooms, as well as 3 apartments, and whatever the occasion of your visit is, a summer holiday near the sea, or a business trip, you are mostly welcome any time throughout the year.
    The hotel faces a broad highway revealing fascinating views to the sea, leading to the famous sea resorts of Sunny Beach, Nessebar, as well as the town of Varna.



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